Shopify Experience

Getting used to the layout and flexibility on myShopify. Been making sure to post a few new items a day. The goal is 1000 by Springtime launch. Well.. its launched but still in progress and we've only told a few of our customers about the site. The goal is to make it easier for customers than our previous online shopping experience.. Lol which shouldn't be too hard. We have a ton of gear to show, and this seems to be a great way to show it with out having to make the trip to the shop. Shop traffic has been getting busier... We enjoy the one on one experience with our customers which is why we're only setup to work by appointment, and frankly don't want to run a retail store after spending 30 years in retail. So.. I expect folks will find us here to be another good source for something in stock when they can't find it elsewhere, or maybe even when they can. :)